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Please note that this thread is purely a user-based effort.Playing vanilla RTW online requires version 1.5 of Rome Total War.

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Far Cry Patch v1.1 Download Mirrors: v1.0 to v1.1 - 3v1.0 to v1.1 - File v1.0 to v1.1 - Worth v1.0 to v1.1 - File v1.0 to v1.1 - File This patch was released to fix a small number of bugs and to add functionality to Far Cry. We are aware of an issue causing players connecting to an internet based multiplayer game to drop their connection and timeout during a connect.

If you find your connection stalling when joining a server, we recommend that players retry the connection until it succeeds. When hosting games on LAN with punkbuster, please remember to enable pb_sv_lan 1 pb_sv_guidrelax 7. We strongly recommend players host multiplayer games only through Far Cry dedicated server.

- Fixed no pain sounds if an explosion didn’t really hurt the player.

Other - Improved shader speed (up to two times faster) for NVidia Geforce FX cards on very high settings - Fixed fog bug with NVidia drivers - Added support for NVidia NV40 chipset - Fixed realtime shadows from blended trees - Made improvements to lighting shaders on very high settings - Fixed bug with lake reflections - Added support fro PS3.0 shader profile ** Mirrors ** Danish users may download from here

Now all you need to do is launch EDuke32 and select any usermap you wish to play from the in-game menu. There's also a high resolution update available for Duke3D called High Resolution Pack.

Mods usually have their own launchers so if you wish to play mods, use those mod-specific launchers instead. I've been reviewing Duke Nukem 3D maps and mods since April 21st, 1999. The HRP adds hi-res graphics and 3D-models to Duke3D.

- Added ability to disable server address publishing with command sv_servertype “NET” - Fixed some issues with sv_port variable - Open query protocol to allow monitoring of the server with external tools - Server config can now be anywhere with any name - Improved priority based network system (below a certain limit it was not sending, now it does) - Fixed adjustable cmdrate with vehicles - Fixed command line joining, there was still a little problem - Added some optimizations to UI system drawing/updating - Fixed bug where “Join game button” no longer worked in multiplayer UI - Fixed issue with dedicated server running on Windows 2003 Server edition - Fixed bug when players get out from a vehicle, the player will go in standing pose (no crouch or prone).

- The message “drop your weapon to take this other weapon” will disappear only when the player go away from this weapon, not immediately.

In any case, you're always better off reading supplied installation instructions. I'm new to Duke (or old but haven't played it for years). The source code was released in 2003 and after that we've had a few ports with which you can play the game on new operating systems without any video/audio issues. It's recommended that you play a map the way its author intended. The original three-episode (Hollywood Holocaust, Lunar Apocalypse and Shrapnel City) Duke3D release is v1.3d.


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