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An amazing 80% of those asked have used either a smartphone or the web for some kind of sexual contact.* This is the first time anyone's ever had any kind of figures about how widespread websex is. Do you know your so-called 'private' conversations and images can be copied and posted onto websites for anyone to see - no matter how intimate they are? Or that there's a whole load of websites where young people strip off for complete strangers? It's lifted the lid on a world that I sort of knew existed, but not to the extent that it does.

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Along with his native Dutch, Willem speaks English and French.

Between 2007-2011, Willem, a qualified lawyer, worked with Allen & Overy in their departments of both competition law and banking & finance.Hampshire drivers in effort to overcome the difficulties.[Intro Scratches] After we get all that technical stuff out of the way We'll hop online and check out some of the amazing things you can do Out there in cyber space Dial up Log in I'm on the net I thought you were gonna teach me how to get on the Internet You're right I better explain [Verse 1: Snak the Ripper] Yeah They trynna drop a pin on my location Hit me with some pop up, some polling information Driving me insane with these push notifications Send me corny meme posts to get me motivation Man, opinions ain't shit when they hide behind a keyboard Attach a wire from my modem to a brick of C4 Your mama on a webcam, I spam in her inbox She ugly when I'm sober, i don't notice after ten shots Rappers buying fake fans and lying on the mic Fucking staring at their Instagram and crying over likes Well I'm trying not to LOL They trolling on my Spotify Loading up the Google map to find the perfect spot to die All these advertisements trynna make me broke The Internet need to learn how to take a joke I just get mad love and these fakes get choked Cause nobody gives a fuck about they Facebook posts, nope [Hook] Fuck, the Internet Fuck, the Internet, the motherfucking Internet Fuck, the Internet Fuck, the Internet, the motherfucking Internet How about that world wide web, fuck that [Verse 2: Ill Bill] Yo, Snak told me fuck the Internet I told him I already did Back when Myspace pussy became a trendy thing Before Tinder or Christian Mingle Before the Craigslist killer This shit was pretty simple Till I sent a dick pic to this bitch that was batshit Pretty pics, big tits but that bitch was catfish On Jdate she was the jewy Loni Anderson Our date, she looked like Louie Anderson, damn son So fuck the Internet, you must be stupid Fuck e Harmony to fuck Ok Cupid Fuck Photoshop and fuck personal computers Married to marijuana but always in search of Buddha Met this new bitch on my phone, she work for Uber Snapchat cracker the proper taught maneuvers Young and perverted, others prefer cougars Give me a real life dime-piece, rocking a shirt from Hooters Yeah [Hook] Fuck, the Internet Fuck, the Internet, the motherfucking Internet Fuck, the Internet Fuck, the Internet, the motherfucking Internet How about that world wide web, fuck that Fuck, get off the fucking phone, fuck!A bit of digging told me there wasn't much research into the use of smartphones and the web for flirting and sex.So I hooked up with Professor Andy Phippen who was running a study on what 16-24 years olds were doing online and what he discovered shocked me. was a real eye opening experience to say the least, but I'm really proud of it. The jumper locomotive produced so much noise and rumble that almost all more or less part of the reserved seat woke up sober.


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  3. This is based on his MA Sociology dissertation, Cyborgasms: Cybersex Amongst Multiple-Selves and Cyborgs in the Narrow Bandwidth Space of AOL Chat Rooms.

  4. Project Description This is an application for launching multiple Asheron's Call accounts.

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