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Critically and popularly acclaimed, the series received numerous awards, including recognition from BAFTA, the National Television Awards and the Royal Television Society, as well as winning individual accolades for both Sullivan and Jason.

It was voted Britain's Best Sitcom in a 2004 BBC poll.

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AUSTRALIA Sydney Morning Herald Louise Milligan When you write a book which details allegations of paedophilia against a man who was once one of the nation's most powerful people, curious things happen.

One of the crazier things is a tiny circle of people who still unquestioningly defend this person, saying he could not possibly have committed acts they know nothing about and accuse you of leftist bias.

Seven series were originally broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom from 1981 to 1991, with sixteen sporadic Christmas specials until its end in 2003.

Episodes are regularly repeated on UKTV comedy channel Gold and occasionally repeated on BBC One.

Reluctant congratulations may be in order for the beneficiaries of New York State's gay marriage bill.

Though marriage is not everybody's thing, one can understand the aspirations of those who long for social acceptance and for the open recognition of their love and choice of partners.

Will Tommy save the company, or will the factory, and the town, go under? It has a good storyline, good acting, great scenery, adventure and some brilliant gags!


  1. Privacy issues abound as users have no control over who views their broadcasts, and all their clicks and interactions as a viewer could be collected or shared.

  2. All he needs to do is step back and honestly assess how he’s approaching his dating life.“Am I leading my interactions with who I am or what I’ve achieved?

  3. The two streets and the wide promenade in-between are the true heart of Barcelona.

  4. He calculated the modern rate of salt delivery to the oceans, and suggested that the present salinity of ocean water would take at least 100 million years to develop.

  5. Consolidation works best when your ultimate goal is to become debt-free.

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