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And since March, Eddie’s been secretly dating gorgeous waitress Lara La Rue, the sister of CSI: Miami star Eva La Rue.

Lara works at Sushiya on Sunset Boulevard in LA, and according to Eddie’s pal, “He is already telling his friends that he is in love.” Lara, a sometime-model and a ringer for Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, admitted to In Touch: “I know Eddie. I respect him and he respects me.” An insider reveals that Lara and Eddie met while bowling and have been keeping the relationship quiet.

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Soon, “Children” viewers learned that Hayley was the result of a fling her alcoholic mother, Arlene, had with mainstay mogul Adam Chandler.

Sparks flew between Hayley and love interest Brian Bodine — and not just on-camera.

’ I saw Kelly as this young girl with way too much energy.

One time, a reporter on set heard screaming and furniture crashing down the hall.

The bangs are parted from the center and they flip up just like a pair of lovely wings.

The loose curls look bouncy and this hairstyle is gorgeous for all faces. The soft curls touch her face slightly and the side-parted bangs play a role to frame the face shape.

This is really a fresh look full of life and spirit. Her hair goes from black to brunette as it falls down. She sweeps her curls to one side and this small action makes great difference to the final look.

Younger women will be adorable with it, and older women will be elegant with it. Eva sports stylish long curls and she is really pretty with it.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 24: Actress Eva La Rue attends the Television Academy's Performers Peer Group Hold Cocktail Reception to Celebrate the 67th Emmy Awards at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel on August 24, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

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