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"They are constantly in a position of wondering, "[Penises can] become not instruments of power, but instruments of humiliation."A respect for individuals' personal relationships with their penises guided Geoffrey Berliner when he shot the 14 following penis portraits, accompanied here by the subjects' thoughts on their genitalia.Berliner — the executive director of the Penumbra Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to photography education, research, and outreach — developed these portraits as tintypes through the Penumbra Tintype Studio, hand-pouring chemicals on thin metal plates to create direct positive images of the penises.The collection embraces visual images in a wide variety of formats.

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In pop culture, it's often depicted as comical (how many comedies are powered by male nudity gags? Perhaps it's causing its owner grief in some way — by failing to perform sexually, for example — and is a spectacle for onlookers to ridicule.

Either that, or it’s shown as threatening, as in some porn: a disembodied symbol of aggression with a mind of its own (consider the term "thinking with his dick").

You might be surprised at how some things have not changed that much in every day land surveying work for many years.

Old instrument catalogs are good as well, but harder to find because they have a lot of valuable information for antique collectors and dealers.

Hinged cases, usually made of wood and covered in leather, did the trick.

The ambrotype was placed within this case in layers, somewhat like a sandwich.

The Photographic Archives at the Stamford Historical Society hold over 10,000 images, dating back to Civil War times.

The photographs provide a rich pictorial history of the growth and development of Stamford; its people, industries, government, and communities.

There are a lot of surveying textbooks written before WWII for less than each, and many others printed before 1900 are available for under a piece.


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