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Our NYC Speed Dating takes place close to Penn Station.Speed Dating Long Island takes place in Nassau and Suffolk.

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Connecticut date dating hurry speed

The moose (North America) or elk (Eurasia), Alces alces, is the largest extant species in the deer family.

Moose are distinguished by the broad, flat (or palmate) antlers of the males; other members of the family have antlers with a dendritic ("twig-like") configuration.

Speed Dating New York events take place at Mustang Harrys, Seven and Legends.

is the premier resource guide to local dating scene for singles on the go in search of Connecticut singles groups, events and activities.

Moose have been reintroduced to some of their former habitats.

Currently, most moose are found in Canada, Alaska, New England, Fennoscandia, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

Isolate plant DNA; enjoy mini experiments with roaming science presenters; see live action science shows; and in the summer months, go wild on the outdoor Wildlife Challenge obstacle course.

Children ages 2-5 will love I Explore, the gallery just for them – no big kids allowed!

Meet single volunteers, meet dates at charity fundraiser, singles wine tasting, dining club or dance.

Meetup at Connecticut singles events and adventures through a sports club and singles travel.

And LSC has the nation’s largest IMAX Dome Theater with constantly changing family-friendly films. The City of i Play America is New Jersey’s best place to GET INSIDE THE FUN!

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