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Northwest Firearms provides a place for gun owners of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho a place to converse, organize, learn, educate, trade, and most importantly, work together to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

Click for more info Gorgeous .32 Model 1-1/2 New Model 2nd Issue tip-up with original nickel and rose wood grips (est. This gun is in excellent condition rated at a conservative 96%-97%, showing a few ... Serial number is 18443 with star (*) at end, possibly indicating factory renic ... The mechanical function is very good and the bore is very good with strong rifling. Click for more info CIVIL WAR SMITH & WESSON OLD MODEL #2 ARMY REVOLVER CIRCA 1863. Early serial number in the 16,xxx range and all matching and in original excell ... Also a very early S/N 2767 with all matching assembly numbe ...

You will need to know if the shotgun is pre-1913 or later gun because some of the early serial numbers were repeated in later years.

In fact, some serial numbers were used five times between 18.

The serial number is 14433 and is matching numbe ... 1 Revolver 19th Century POCKET CARRY for the Armed Citizen Here we present an antique Smith & Wesson Number 1 Second Issue Revolver, made circa 186 ...

Click for more info This is a standard model one and a half second issue revolver. This model's serial number started at 26301 and ended at 127100. Click for more info S&W model 1899 made without the lug on the barrel for a foreward latch as all later S&W's were made. Click for more info .32 RF, 6 shot, 6" barrel, SN 46586 post Civil War production Model No. Barrel is mostly gray-brown patina with light pitting on front of muzzle and near cylinder f ... 2 Old Model Army spur trigger revolver,.32RF caliber, 5” octagon barrel, blued finish, rosewood grips, , in overall good condition showing traces of original blue in prote ...

Click for more info Beautiful .32 Single Action Model 1-1/2 Center Fire (est. Click for more info Offered is a S&W New Departure also referred to as the .38 Safety Hammerless Second Model double action and was only manufactured from 1887 to 1890. Click for more info This is a 38 Single Action Baby Russian, engraved and with Ivory grips. The three patent dates are on the cylinder and the bore is nice w ... Click for more info Smith and Wesson Second Model Single Shot .22 LR caliber revolver. Bore has good rifling and corrosion near the breach end of the barrel. Click for more info Smith & Wesson Volcanic very fine small frame Volcanic pistol.

It is in the far scarcer high polish factory bl ... The bore is very good and the mechanical function is very good crisp and tight. Click for more info CIVIL WAR Antique SMITH & WESSON No. Click for more info Smith & Wesson No.2 Army .32 caliber rimfire.

The first delivery of #2s was made on June 22, 1861, a shipment of three revolvers with 6 inch barrels to J. An easy way to spot the new die is the absence of the period after "Smith" which was present in the old die, It is interesting to watch the breaking up of the old die.


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