Steven seagal dating dating for one month birthday present

Seagal lived in Michigan until he was five, when the family moved to Fullerton, California.

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All of Steven Seagal's relationships past and present.

See all of Steven Seagal's past girlfriends and hookups here. Seagal sure has had a diverse array of flings with the ladies.

For now, there's no Steven Seagal on the list of celebrity sex tapes but there's time.

Steven Seagal is currently married to wife Erdenetuya "Elle" Batsukh. In total, Steven Seagal has seven children and two grandchildren.

Wonder if any of his exes got him to co-star in a celeb sex tape?

If there was a Steven Seagal celebrity sex tape, aside from being a little horrifying if it was shot recently, it would probably perform a lot better than any of his recent movies has.

He's getting big and strong.'Seagal, who lives both in Hollywood and Louisiana, introduced his wife Elle in last night's episode.'Whenever I work in Jefferson Parish I always bring my wife and my baby Kunzang with me.

'I met my wife Elle in Outer Mongolia about eight years ago when I was out there trying to raise money to finance a film about Genghis Khan.'Seagal's personal life has been rocky and complicated to say the least.

Steven Seagal is known for his age-defying martial arts and action movies, but now he's pulled off another great stunt and become a dad again at 58.

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