Updating bluetooth bluecore flash using iwrap

It hides the complexity of the Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from the end-user and can be used for almost anything; from simple data or audio applications to more complex use cases where interaction with several Bluetooth-enabled devices are needed - or even multi-profile environments for simultaneous audio and data connections.

The 6th generation i WRAP™ Bluetooth stack targets Bluegiga’s Bluetooth classic modules.

It features both Apple i AP1 and i AP2 profiles supporting all Apple i OS devices on the market.

updating bluetooth bluecore flash using iwrap-24

The Module has an integrated, high performance antenna which is matched with the Bluetooth RF and baseband circuitry.

The firmware integrated into the BC04 chipset implements the higher layer Bluetooth protocol stack, up to and including the Generic Access Profile (GAP), Service Discovery Profile (SDAP), Serial Port Profile (SPP), Dial Up Networking Profile (DUN), Headset Profile (HSP), Hands Free Profile (HFP), File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Audio Gateway.

Rexense technology development has been applied to numerous applications including AMR/AMI, home automation, security systems, building control, HVAC, logistics management, data acquisition and control.

Products currently available from Rexense include Zig Bee wireless modules, development kits, wireless collector, gateway, and software.

The most common and powerful way to update firmware on the BLE112, BLE113, or BLE121LR Bluetooth Smart module is using the CC debugger and the debug interface pins (AVDD DVDD, GND, P2_1, P2_2, and RESET).

However, this method is not always available or preferred, especially for in-field updates after manufacturing.

With a CC debug programming interface, you can rewrite the entirety of the flash space available on the module, including the hardware configuration, license key, and bootloader. These areas may be modified using DFU: It is extremely helpful to break out the debug interface somewhere in your design as a backup/failsafe, even if only to very small test pads--at least until you have completely finished the firmware development process.

There are a few preliminary steps that you have to go through before you can use OTA DFU: All of the four prerequisites above concern what needs to be in place already on the receiving end (typically BLE peripheral / GATT server) in order for an OTA firmware update to take place.

With 20 patents either in place or pending, Rexense currently provides wireless network technology solutions to a variety of industries.


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