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, one of them run by Lal Singh Rawat (popularly known as Lalu), serves fresh meals and tea.

The restaurants even double as dormitories with provision for sleeping bags.

However once you cross the Chatru village, Chandra valley widens up.

While moving towards Chatru there are a couple of water falls on the road.

It is better to be careful as situations will be different in different months and it can always change very rapidly.

Route from Gramphoo to Chatru is comparatively enjoyable because of roads, landscape and bit of inhabitation.

This fantasy land in Spiti Valley is a place outside the maze that beholds the conundrum and difficulties of a city life.

The film explores the perspective and ideology of dedicated climbers and meditators while giving a balanced overview of some of the boulders that one would love to climb there.They don’t pose any problems for the four wheelers and these ones are not even tricky for two-wheelers as well.But you never know when it is raining heavily, they might pose some difficulties.Tucked away right behind the sky high Rohtang La is a tiny pasture, situated at the entrance of the Spiti Valley.Unlike most hamlets in this part of the cold Himalayan desert, Chatru has a unique imagery composed of high peaks and green grasslands.There are a plenty of options for non-climbers as well.

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