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Then there was the terminally ill Thane, who provided a bittersweet relationship arc. Fans have been pestering Mass Effect's staff on Twitter to find out whether they can have sex with Jaal in the game. Already your best bro, Garrus was perfect partner material - even if Bio Ware always cut to black when the turian got in the mood."Is there a lesson to be learned from this tale of broken hearts?

Meanwhile, Richie concocts a drink to cure Eddie of his DT's.

Eddie faints after consuming the drink through his nose, and manages to knock Richie out with the trident still rammed in his crotch.

I’d post it up here but I don’t want Google indexing it and girls finding it. She’s smiling and I pull her into me for a hug, she’s a small thing so I wrap all the way around her and then make her back up as I keep walking forwards after I grab her.

I give her a kiss on her lips and she lingers so we kiss for a tiny bit then I move us off to my car while I cop a feel of her butt. The car ride is fun and we get lost like a couple of dumbasses and then I find my way again.

Realizing that it is Halloween, Richie forms a plan; he and Eddie will go trick-or-treating to raise money for a party which will feature, in Richie's words, "plenty of booze and jugged-up babes, shaggy-shaggy-shag!

" They go down to the local costume shop, with Richie returns wearing a woman's devil outfit and Eddie ends up dressed up in a giant banana costume.

S version) "Is there a lesson to be learned from this tale of broken hearts?

This girl was basically seduced by the time I met up with her, both thru plentyoffish messaging and then later thru text messaging.

1) I would really like to shag Samatha Janus (British TV star) 2) Shags are commonest in the waters around South West Britain 3) Going down the shop for some shag.

The episode begins in the flat's kitchen, where Richie is at the stove cooking a sausage that is on fire as Eddie brings in the morning paper.

While we’re pulled over figuring things out I take this as an opportunity to take out my dick and show it to her, and then tell her to kiss it. I take her inside my place- and I’d said something about giving her a spanking ‘cuz she was misbehaving and as she walks in she leans over my couch and she’s like, and stands there waiting.

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