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I want you to know that sextortion can have devastating effects on young victims from all walks of life, and it is easy to become a victim.

I am a special agent with the FBI, and I investigate violent crimes against children.

"Baby" is code for "I think wearing puka shell necklaces is cool, and no matter where we go, I'm secretly going to do coke in the bathroom."12.

His idea of a date is really just a thinly veiled sexual euphemism.

Do not open attachments from people you do not know.

Turn off your electronic devices and web cameras when you are not using them.

Either he's being really forward with you or that "thinking of you" text was only sent to you because he wasn't paying attention.4.

You get a text that seems like it was meant for someone else.

They can talk about what might happen and talking to them is confidential.

When you’re under 18 it’s against the law for anyone to take or have a sexual photo of you – even if it’s a selfie.

Don't get me wrong, this film is what you think, but it's also NOT.

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