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Its object is to present, in simple language and pictures, some fresh aspects of the setting of that epic Polar drama which must ever stand out in the annals of exploration for the beauty of character revealed in those who took the leading parts, and perished in the final scene. I had taken all possible 16 THE GREAT WHITE SOUTH care to make things fast and shipshape before leaving port; thanks to this precaution, and to the fact that all perishable supplies had been stored in hermetically-sealed cases, little damage was sustained. AUTHOR OF "FUJISAN," "IN LOTUS LAND : JAPAN," ETC., WITH 164 PHOTOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS BY THE AUTHOR, 11 BY CAPTAIN SCOTT AND OTHERS, A MAP & 2 DRAWINGS, AND AN INTRODUCTION BY LADY SCOTT NEW YORK ROBERT M. 1922 Printed in Great Britain by Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ld., London and Aylesbury, DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MY LATE CHIEF AND COMRADES WHO, AFTER REACHING THE SOUTH POLE, PERISHED ON THEIR HOMEWARD WAY, BEQUEATHING TO THEDJ RACE A PRICELESS HERITAGE IN THE STORY OF THEIR HEROISM AND SELF- SACRIFICE, AND DEVOTION TO PURPOSE, IDEALS AND DUTY FOREWORD This book is written by one who had the honour to take part in that great adventure, The British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13. As the list became heavier, but for almost ceaseless baling from the floor to the sink, day and night, the water would have been nearly a yard deep in the cupboards.

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Regardless of the cycle being printed again or not.

As per Artwork Subforum Rules and Digital Render Thread Guidelines, we ask that full artist credit be given. Once you have updated your render with the necessary information, you may edit out this modtext, and relink your image. offset=0#/d4r662b Took me less than a minute with reverse image searching on google. Artists are "Viktor Titov & Vika Anokhina" EDIT: I also suggest you update the rest of your tokens with artist credit. Can i just note something about ALL card artworks on here: you CAN use them on cockatrice. Let's Repeat." "A game doesn't need to be won by luck, skill or money, sometimes using none of them works stronger than all of them together." A past-away mate said.

The author records, herewith, his gratitude to Lady Scott for graciously contributing the Introduction to this volume; his thanks to Messrs. Dodd, Mead and Company of New York, for their kind permission to make many quotations herein from ' Scott's Last Expedition ' ; and his warm sense of obligation to his comrades of the adventure for the assistance they rendered him in the South whenever opportunity permitted. Here, then, is what Captain Scott wrote in his diary soon after arriving in the South : ' Ponting is the most delighted of men; he declares this is the most beautiful spot he has ever seen, and spends all day and most of the night in what he calls " gathering it in " with camera and cinematograph . The composition of his pictures is extraordinarily good ; he seems to know by instinct the exact value of foreground and middle distance and of the intro- duction of " life," whilst with more technical skill he emphasises the subtle shadows of the snow and reproduces its wonderfully transparent texture. As the ship rolled and the water rushed from side to side, it carried with it cases of petrol and bags of coal which, battering into the bulwarks, loosened up the planks ; and one tremendous sea, coming inboard on the port side, carried the whole of these planks away from the forecastle to the poop — so that there was now nothing to keep the seas from washing the waist of the ship from the lee side.

He is an artist in love with his work, and it was good to hear his enthusiasm for results of the past and plans for the future.' x INTRODUCTION Personally, I know Mr. Over and over, and yet over again have I seen his cinemato- graph pictures of the Expedition, and I am still looking for further occasions of seeing them, for the beauty and wonder of them never varies. There was then the grave danger of the deck opening up if the motor-sledges got loose as well, in which case we must inevitably have foundered.

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