Free camerachats - Sccm update distribution point not updating

[B84][Sun 03/13/2016 ]: Move File W failed for G:\SCCMContent Lib\File Lib\EB90\EB90C09879C4D86BB5FD5EAB 7245DC68C9588661A38AC76945A4E6F99789CCE9.

sccm update distribution point not updating-15

In this case doing this manually wasn’t an option due to the number of files, so I resorted to a quick script based on the one found here: I first had this happen on just one of my servers.

It was annoying and was causing massive numbers of WMI entries in the event logs each time it happened.

Clients must able to reach them to install applications, packages, software updates and operating systems.

If you plan to install new distribution points in your organization, refer to our distribution point installation guide in Configuration Manager 2012.

On the working DP copy out DRIVE:\\SCCMContent Lib\Pkg Lib\PKGID. Version Folder DRIVE:\\SCCMContent Lib\Data Lib\PKGID.

As part of the Insider program I get rather frequent upgrades to Windows 10.

Error code: 0X80070002 This was due to the files already being in the content library on the DPs with the same hash values however this one time the required INI and SIG files weren't created.

After trying everything I thought would fix it I had to resort to hacking the content library, luckily I had one DP that had a good copy of the package.

I tried to just stop and disable the Config Mgr client, but it would be “reactivated” again by something.

Recently at a client site I found it happening an a large number… I checked there were no push jobs running, but there was *something* causing it to repeat. There is a scheduled task created by CCMSETUP to retry if it isn’t able to install correctly on the first attempt.

After some more digging on MSDN I found the WMI class SMS_Distribution Point Info which can be used to retrieve the Name and the Server NALPath for a distribution point. So for starters, get the Distribution Point info: $Query = "Select NALPath, Name From SMS_Distribution Point Info Where Server Name Like '%$Dist Point%'" $Distribution Point = @(Get-Wmi Object -Namespace "root SMSSite_$Site Code" -Query $Query) $Server Nal Path = $Distribution Point.


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