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These addictive love chemicals feel so good that it's difficult for you to even imagine ending contact with your friend.Your connection feels genuine and even life-sustaining. In fact, some of your very best friends are probably members of the opposite sex.

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You two have obvious chemistry—you flirt, you chat, you hang out—but the buck stops there. Since this generation of singles is more emotionally-evolved than ever before, traditional dating norms have basically been tossed out the window, says psychologist Karla Ivankovich, Ph.

D., a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, Springfield.

Health clinics often provide low-cost birth control and testing for STDs and pregnancy without any need for insurance.

You can even go with your friend if she'd like some support. You can't make your friend use protection — although she may be reaching out to you because she realizes she should.

Letting go of such intoxicating nourishment seems unimaginable.

Before you are tempted to do something risky -- like leave your stable, good relationship for your exciting emotional lover -- it's important to examine what's really going on. There's a huge difference between a platonic friendship and a friendship that has crossed the line into the emotional sex danger zone.

Just because you and your best pal are hot for each other doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to end in dating—we all like having attractive friends, especially men as very “visual” creatures.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t go anywhere.

For example, it's not always possible to tell if a partner has an STD. They may tell partners they are OK because they honestly don't know otherwise. Protection from STDs is one reason why even people who use birth control methods like the Pill need to use a condom as well.

When someone with an STD doesn't get treatment, the disease can get worse or cause other health problems. But that approach can cause bigger problems — like not being able to have children — later on.

Perhaps you are an LGB&T parent or a parent with an LGB&T child?


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