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A grassroots movement called “50 Dollars Not 50 Shades” is asking people to donate to their local women’s shelter or domestic violence nonprofit instead of seeing a film they say glamorizes abusive relationships.

And when these programs are effective in engaging youth as advocates and peer leaders, they can have lasting benefits.

Those are among the lessons that adolescent experts, researchers and advocates shared with representatives from diverse federal agencies at a forum at the United States Department of Justice.

Every couple of years, I teach a class called "Psychology in Film." When I tell people about it, they often ask, "Are there enough movies about psychology for an entire class?

" My response is first shock, then slight annoyance, then my vocal response of, " As my initial posting for this new blog, I'd like to focus on the "Twilight" movies (based on the books by Stephenie Meyer).

“If we don’t have the discussion about what it means in the context of domestic violence, then we’re kind of saying that it is OK.” She says she’s more concerned about the younger audience of women interpreting the message as a love story, rather than as violence.

“These subtle messages are sometimes more harmful.” Some of the main character’s quotes from the book are repurposed onto movie-poster-like images on the group’s Facebook page. ” To that, the 50 Dollars group writes, “Stalking is so hot and romantic.” The dollar amount 50 Dollars Not 50 Shades has prompted people to donate so far is unknown, but they have gained more than 7,000 likes on Facebook since their Jan. Glenn knows movements like this won’t stop people from seeing the movie, but says she hopes it at least gets people talking.

“If there’s a lack of consent, then we’ve crossed that line into violence against women.

“It’s a little concerning that the movie is being accepted like the book is,” adds Glenn.

The “Teen Dating Violence Prevention: Why Middle School Matters” forum marked the halfway point of the four-year , a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) administered by Futures Without Violence, formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund. Two panels – one of researchers and one of program directors – briefed a group of representatives from the Federal Interagency Workgroup on Teen Dating Violence, which represents 19 federal agencies, including the U. Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Justice and answered questions.


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