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Masked Edit Validator is a custom validator which attaches to the Masked Edit extender and its associated Text Box and verifies that the input text matches the pattern specified in the Masked Edit extender.

In this article , I have explained in detail about AJAX masked Edit Extender in ASP. For example if we use textbox control in our website need to tell user how to enter date format or number format etc.

And also I explained in detail about Masked Edit Validator in this same resource.

Description: Mask Type: This is the main property in mask edit extender based on the mask type validation is performed.

Mask Type have four main validations except none None: No validations Number: It is validate user entered only number in the textbox Date: It is validate user entered correct date in the textbox.

The Results Columns is empty textboxes that the user will have to enter the Test Result and the date column is the same as Results column containing empty textboxes for the user to enter the Date of the Test Being Completed.

I want to be able to Validate the Results column, currently the date column I am using calendar extender, masked edit extender and validator and that is working just fine. But I guess you try to update the data since you already retrieve data to one column.

Masked Edit uses the culture settings specified in the Culture Name property.

If none is specified the culture setting will be the same as the page: English (United States).

If three digits appear, it must start either 0 or 1 # e.g ([0-9], [0-9][0-9],[0-1][0-9][0-9]) | # ..2[0-4]\d # start with 2, follow by 0-4 and end with any digit (2[0-4][0-9]) | # ..25[0-5] # start with 2, follow by 5 and ends with 0-5 (25[0-5]) ) # end of group #2 \.


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