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CBMR is bringing back the Gravity Slave Mountain Bike Race in the form of a Dual Slalom on Saturday, August 26.

This race will take place at the base of the Peachtree Lift and will feature some intense competition.

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But it was illegal in the Confederacy to use blacks as soldiers until the waning days of the war (early 1865).

A few companies (a company was usually 100 men at full force) were raised then, but none saw battle action, as the surrender followed shortly thereafter.

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Pricing Adults $20 Kids Ages 12 and Under $10 Registration will be held at Coal Breaker Coffee from 9 - am.

A textbook distributed to Virginia fourth-graders says that thousands of African Americans fought for the South during the Civil War -- a claim rejected by most historians but often made by groups seeking to play down slavery's role as a cause of the conflict.

All religions and faiths and belief systems welcome!

Western Kentucky University's Student Government Association voted to give black students "full and free access" to the college.

The Dual Slalom is perfect for cross country and downhill riders alike, so bring a friend and compete head-to-head.

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