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On , these everyday folks, their shows tell us, are damaged and deluded and in desperate need of help from a professional matchmaker.Basically: these shows are at least pretending to be about real people in need seeking love. Ratings kept slipping, but it’s hard to imagine that the murder of Jasmine Fiore didn’t play a huge part.

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But even though the contestants are exploited for one-dimensional characterizations, I don’t feel too sorry for them: reality TV has emerged as a way for talentless people to achieve the notoriety of actors and other celebrities, and I’m sure most of these women have designs on fame (or at least getting paid to show up at a nightclub for a few hours) and consider televised humiliation a small price to pay.

Following the typical format for season premiers of residential-based reality shows, there was extra emphasis on checkin’ out the contestants’ new digs, which in this case is a house I've heard is on the corner of Esplanade and Chartres (the image on Google Street View seems to resemble the house on the show).

, a new reality series on VH1, works hard to reinforce negative stereotypes about single people.

VH1 reality television should be a genre of its own.

Just to be clear what we’re talking about here: These were dating shows that starred people famous for being on a dating show that itself starred people famous for being on a dating show that starred a famous person.

And while Brigitte and Flav might have, at some point — maybe, even, just for a few glorious minutes?

The house itself is lovely, but it has been modified with a garish interior of bold pinks and reds, touristy regional artwork and front doors painted roughly the same color as those contentious Chateau Estate columns.

If you need help imagining it, the contestant pictured below remarked the interiors looked like “if someone got in (her) brain and decorated this house.”Aside from a holistic foods chef who seems sorely out of place, the contestants are your typical reality TV characters.

The eight women under Ward’s tutelage experience more of a therapy boot camp than a traditional reality show competition.

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