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The couple had no biological children but adopted several.

After the accession of her brother, Kalākaua to the throne as monarch in 1874, she and her siblings were given Western style titles of Prince and Princess.

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It's a wonderful choice for pros, beginners or children alike.

Create something beautiful with Luna today with a Luna Baritone Ukulele.

The Concert Ukulele (or Alto Ukulele), is the slightly bigger sibling to the soprano uke.

With a fuller tone and longer profile than the soprano, people with larger hands tend to gravitate towards this instrument.No embellishments have been made to the sound files of any of the instruments.A cool original pineapple-shape Kamaka, and although it lacks the pineapple decals on the face and headstock it does have the "Kamaka's Pineapple Ukulele" label, with a nice big pineapple illustration flanked by "Strictly Hand Made" on one side and the Jan. It's rare to see one of these with no cracks, and the only significant wear is behind the first fret!The baritone uke produces a much deeper and fuller tone, and is traditionally tuned down similarly to the four bottom strings of a guitar.It's perfect for blues or fingerpicking styles, and just perfect overall for those looking for great playability.Her parents were Analea Keohokālole and Caesar Kapaʻakea, but she was hānai (informally adopted) at birth to Abner Pākī and Laura Kōnia.

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