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Family and friends hug and celebrate the news that Ann Arbor resident Yousef Ajin would not be deported during a rally outside of the Mc Namara Federal Building in Detroit, Tuesday, Feb. A protest was held outside the federal building in support of Ajin, who faced a deportation hearing, — “You get to stay.”With that pronouncement, a federal judge on Tuesday granted a rare deportation waiver to an Ann Arbor father of four with a criminal history whose case became a lighting rod in the growing debate over immigration in the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Ajin was arrested Jan.

Immigration Judge David Paruch ruled that Yousef Ajin can keep his green card and his permanent status in the United States, despite his non-violent criminal record, because his family would experience extreme hardship if he were deported to Jordan. 30, noting he had “a felony conviction for possession of a financial transaction device from June 2001 and a final order of removal was issued April 11, 2012, by an immigration judge.”Authorities “determined Ajin to be non-compliant with the requirements of his release as provided and was taken into ERO custody,” according to ICE.

“When we refer a victim to LACASA, we know they will receive care from a specially-trained team of sexual assault experts,” said Robert Fields, M. Victims also may choose to stay at the nonprofit’s Crisis Shelter to recover following an assault.

The services at LACASA’s Sexual Assault Response Center are confidential and provided at no charge.

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Rula Aoun, director of the Arab-American Civil Rights League, also said in light of Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration, more individuals may find themselves facing deportation.“It seems like there is more of an incentive to do these deportations immediately,” she said.

“It seems they are ready to take action on everyone.”Aoun said her organization receives calls daily from immigrants.

“Recent state funding cuts threatened our ability to cover the costs of our part-time Nurse Manager and our on-call nurse examiners.

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