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Alcohol consumption in Qatar prohibited for Qatar citizens and limited for expatriates conditionally.

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After fathering a child with Cynthia Delfino, whose separation from her estranged husband was not complete, the 35-year-old became an unwitting victim of the Philippines' harsh legal system.

He and 29-year-old Cynthia were charged with adultery and thrown into a rat-infested prison for four days. And despite David having spent his life-savings trying to ensure freedom for the couple and their newborn baby, they have now had to go into hiding as the country's police search for them.

Qatar can be classified as the most open-minded and most relax country through the Middle-East.

This might due to the combined population of Europeans and Americans.

The ban will also affect individuals whose papers have been approved or are scheduled to depart for Qatar, according to Bello.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman Ernesto Abella said the actions by the Gulf states may have “some ripple effects” on Filipino workers.

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This little info, should be enough to understand living in Qatar.

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