Ahmedabad dating places

Visiting this mosque should certainly be in every traveler’s list.

Two young jocks with half-shaved heads standing in front of the city’s trendiest café, Mocha, pointed their cellphones at themselves and pouted for pretty selfies.

As soon as these were uploaded to their Facebook accounts, their job was done: To look as cool as they could online, because off in the real world, things have completely fallen apart.

Of the 70-odd hookah bars now banned in Ahmedabad, the names tell you the Freudian links between the two: Hellish, Lucifer Lounge, Arabian Nights, Marakeesh – in other words, places that Satan visits in all his dark glory.

The purple pink setting or black and red walls of a hookah parlour – depending on the bar owner’s particular fascinations – suggest that the hookah bar is the perfect setting for two mates to meet and pass on the message that some making out may be in the offing.

There are numerous gardens, amusement parks, clubs, sports stadiums and many more to watch out for.

It is rich in heritage with its different sides to showcase. Here follows the list – Source: Ahmed Shah’s Mosque is an absolutely attractive spot to visit in Ahmedabad.

Today after centuries of heat and rough weather, the Masjid stands unchallenged serving as a prayer place for numerous Muslims residing in the city.

Among the most popular sights of the city of Ahmedabad is the Jama Masjid, boasting of a well-proportioned architecture.

Choose from six different dates/times for this hour-long rumba and salsa class paired with sparkling wine and hor d’oeuvres.


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