Tv pilot for senior dating

At 68 years old Diana is one of swathes of sassy over-60s turning to internet dating sites in search of companionship, love and, yes, sex.“Dating is exciting and fun, why would I want to sit around and get old?

” says Diana, a retired Marie Curie nurse and now a personal trainer, who lives in East Sussex and has three children and a granddaughter.“It is a way of socialising even if nothing comes out of it.

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So we needed another rival more our socio-economic level. Good football program and instead of knife fights you just had Jews taunting each other that their temples had superior air conditioning. Birmingham and this year the big game was held there, in their gleaming new stadium. 300-pound future NFL stars proved to be a tougher challenge than Dick Van Dyke’s offspring. We still thought and acted like we were in The Donna Reed Show or Ozzie and Harriet.

There was an innocence that steadfastly persisted despite pesky flashes of reality – riots, a war, civil unrest, drugs, teen rebellion.

“It’s very difficult to make a real connection with someone on a computer.

I found a good majority of people don’t represent themselves accurately,” she said.

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We boomers were growing more and more uneasy, to the point where we had to finally take action. My generation could not have a thought or a feeling or bowel movement without singing about it. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were the vanguards, but the tune that perhaps had the biggest impact was “Eve of Destruction” by Barry Mc Guire.


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