Updating lol air 7392

Over the course of the alpha we’re aiming to introduce easier ways to play with friends, a Hextech-inspired visual style, and rebuilt core technology to make the client more reliable and less buggy.

Join the testing effort and fly the plane while we piece it together mid-air.

updating lol air 7392-77

That's twice the work for every feature, which just isn't sustainable in the long term.

By fully replacing the legacy client, however, Rioters will finally be unlocked to work on the new features players have been demanding. All new client features like Replays and Practice Tool are going to continue to be exclusive to the updated client.

We’ve never shown an in-development product this early before, so testers should prep for a rough ride during the alpha. It’s where you get news, talk with friends, fiddle with runes and masteries, and queue up for your next game.

We need you to play with it, break it, and squish its bugs so we can improve the updated client byte by byte. The launch of the alpha marks the first step on a journey.

The client update is a way for us to modernize the client's visuals and fix long-standing bugs, but one of the biggest reasons we're replacing the legacy client is so Rioters can get faster at shipping features players want.

The legacy client's old, outdated tech holds developers back from making new features in a timely manner.

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Since you can’t be expected to buy a brand new smartphone every time a new feature is rolled out, manufacturers promise to bring a software update every now and then.

The next best thing to upgrading your phone is waking up to a shiny new software update – with recently-released features and improved default apps, it’s like you have a new device all over again.

The reasons are complicated, but the short and simple explanation is that the updated client runs on newer, more stable technology that lets Rioters make code changes without tripping over each other.

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