Roy chiu and rainie yang dating

After collaborating in three idol dramas in 2011, Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) and mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) set off speculations that they had become an item.

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They are probably dating since 2013, but Rainie confirmed just couple months ago, that Prince really is her boyfriend. In one interview, Rainie Yang talked very high about Prince.

According to her, he’s This Taiwanese singer was connected to many attractive men and it’s hard to distinguish real relationships between all those rumors.

In other words, she emphasizes that the two of them are single and it is normal for them to date.

However, Roy Qiu's ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang have not give them any wishes.3Chen Qiao En who's 30 years old dated with her austrialian boyfriend of the same age for 4 years.

Private Photo Exposed Displeased by this statement, a netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant lashed out at Roy on Sina Weibo.

Spitting profanities and criticisms, this netizen even went so far as to tell Roy that he “was not a man” because Tiffany had endured much slandering on his behalf, yet Roy insisted on keeping the relationship quiet, out of fear of losing fans.Her manager says "Neither the guy or the girl is married, making friends is normal." In contrast, Roy Qiu is not open enough, he expresses through his manager, "we are good friends but this is my private life, I don't want to make any comments."Roy Qiu and his ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang can't even be friends.Now that Roy Qiu has got a new rumoured girlfriend, Rainie Yang's manager Jiang Chen Jing expressed on Rainie's behalf, "Rainie Yang and Roy Qiu are only normal friends who got to know each other from filming, they didn't contact later, other people's own matters we shan't make any comments."source: rainbowie @ smart» Newport Gwent Dragons rumoured signings ??Even the media isn’t really buying the possibility of a RL romance between Alice and Roy, since his last two girlfriends were of the very cute type.In fact, for Roy and Rainie Yang, their years long relationship early in their careers remains something both consider the most intense and unforgettable in their dating history.However, Roy recently announced that he was single and had not seen Tiffany in seven months.

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