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For one part, you’re sprinting for 25 meters and pulling a sled that has 75% of your body weight.

You originally read for a different character on and had to audition more than once before you landed the role of Agron. The initial audition I had was at the beginning when they were casting the main roles.

I auditioned for Crixus and, for obvious reasons, I didn’t get it.

I try to go as hard as I possibly can.” pushed that commitment to the limit.

The most brutal workout the cast underwent was called a “Dirty 30” (see “Dirty 30s” below).

The series quickly unfolded into an intriguing tale of power, honor, vengeance, and romance — romance which includes the love story that began last season between two gay rebel warriors, Agron (played by Dan Feuerriegel) and Nasir (Pana Hema-Taylor).

With the show’s final season, premiering tonight at 9 p.m.on Starz, hunky Dan Feuerriegel tells us about his preparation for scenes between his character and Nasir, surviving the show’s intense physical training regimen, and playing one of TV’s first gay action heroes.You’d been working as an actor in Australia for a few years before landing the role of Agron in .Moving towards his personal life, he has a relationship with Jasmine Jardot who is also in the same industry as an actress for a long time. He was conceived with a heart issue called innate heart piece, on account of which he had a pacemaker embedded at age seventeen.According to the sources, they have been planning to be a couple soon. Daniel Gregory Feuerriegel is an Australian-born actor best known for his role Agron on the Sparz action series Spartacus and for his role Gavin Johnson on the Seven Network soap opera Home and Away. In 1998, he moved on from Feuerriegel Villanova College, a Catholic school situated in Coorparoo, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland.By the end of it everyone is pretty dead.” trainer Tyrone Bell put Feuerriegel on a low-carb, high-protein diet.

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