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To Helena, it all made perfect sense, and the more details she supplied of their domestic arrangements, the harder it was to argue.

“My house looks like something out of Beatrix Potter,” she said, “but if you go over to his house, you’re in a totally different place.

Later that month, a spokesman for Bonham Carter dismissed as "just nonsense" suggestions that Burton had cheated on her, after the director was pictured with a mystery blonde woman at a cinema in Hampstead, north London.

2001 - Present They met while Carter was starring in Burton's adaptation of 'Planet of the Apes,' and now live in London together.

They live in a neighboring apartments with a connecting door, because they felt they could not live together.

Is this seemingly grueling environment conducive to getting it on? Check out this list of famous couples who found love– or just lust– on-set.

Some couples have been lucky like Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, who’ve been together now for 25 years!

One explanation given by Bonham Carter, again half-joking, was that she could not stand Burton's snoring.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter’s split from film director Tim Burton has been attributed to him suffering a “mid-life crisis” - which tends to be the routine code for having found a younger woman. For 13 years, they worked together, enlivened the social landscape together, collected lots of awards together and seemed to do everything one might expect of a devoted, modern couple – except live together.

They don’t fit in the outside world and I think he felt like this as a child. They are my two favorite movies of all time, so it is like a dream come true. It is always a pleasure to actually be on a real set, and this house feels like it was built for Tim. It was such a weird thing, very Gothic, with a garden which is amazing.

His work is beautiful maybe, but not in a dark way. All the scenes I had in the actual house in Belgium, Antwerp.

All the children have to be on time because if one of them is not on time—it is quite a complicated story with this time loop. It is all extremely organized so she, as I said, is like a general but it is all for the good of the children. All of us at some time in our childhood do feel like outsiders. They would be persecuted, and on this island their strangeness is celebrated as something that is very beautiful. In his drawings as well, there is always something very endearing about his characters. Were you a big fan of Tim’s before you did your movies with him?


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