Raymond lam dating karena ng hillsborough county florida dating injunction

However, the recent reports have affected the ones I love and this include my family and her family”.

The said man was seen standing close to Karena the entire time, and was photographed holding her hands as they walked down the steps before leaving to another club.

It's been noted that Karena and boyfriend Raymond haven't seen each other for a while, ever since the actor made a temporary move to mainland China for his new drama.

Raymond has been filming predominately in Mainland China due to the higher income.

Because of his busy schedule, he was unable to spend as much time with Karena, leading to the two slowly drifting apart.

" Zhang Jingchu said that the production was very light, the most memorable for a lot of gun fight scenes.

Source Nick Cheung invites Yuen Wah to performcourtesy of on.cccourtesy of Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred for the third time in his film TASTE OF CRIME (DAI AK CHO), the latest trailer of which made its debut.

Allegedly breaking up with Raymond in March, Karena has been spending more time with former Miss Hong Kong Ellen Wong‘s (王愛倫) youngest son, Derek Lim, whom she dated prior to Raymond.

Since Derek and Karena are close in age, the two were often seen having dinner and partying at nightclubs.

28 Apr - Karena Ng has recently denied rumours that she has broken up with Raymond Lam and is now dating somebody new.

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