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What might have been a perfectly unobjectionable presser included one jawdropping moment, when the sheriff said he did not believe race played any role in what happened between Fields, who is white, and the student, who is black.

One such subject is Laura Deming, 22, a partner and founder of The Longevity Fund, a venture capital firm focused on aging and life extension.

So without further adieu, below please find the twelve best #stardewvalley tweets we’ve come across on Twitter.

If you’re not following that hashtag, and heck if you’re not following us (@LFGdating), then you’re sorely missing out on both fronts.

Wolfe follows Deming as she moves from Boston to California to take part in the prestigious Thiel Fellowship, which gives $100,000 to young people to pursue big ideas and start companies instead of attending college.

Laura Deming soon realized that being female in Silicon Valley was different than it was on the East Coast.The movie was released in the wake of the success of Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl” song, in which his 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit Zappa mocked the unique speech patterns of teenage girls from the San Fernando Valley. The soundtrack for the original “Valley Girl” featured songs from the Plimsouls, Josie Cotton, Bonnie Hayes, Modern English, and the Payolas. Oh, and perhaps the coolest element about Stardew Valley: it’s also a dating simulator, so you can go on dates, fall in love, and get married to the 16-bit man or woman villager of your dreams.So naturally, since this game has taken the Twitch and video game world by storm, we had to publish a top list of the funniest Stardew Valley tweets we’ve seen on Twitter.Few women wore heels, and walking down University Avenue, Palo Alto's main drag, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single lingerie shop. Instead of flaunting big-name brands—a big no-no—any logo or slogan should refer to a tech company (preferably one like Facebook, Google, or Apple, that was, by its bank accounts, bigger than the brands it was replacing).


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