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Banjul - The Gambia's president swore in six new judges to top courts Monday, with Gambians dominating the list in a country that long relied on foreign justices under the former regime.

Courts were long seen as a tool used by The Gambia's ex-leader Yahya Jammeh to consolidate power, jailing opposition activists and even members of his own cabinet.

Justices from abroad were hired and fired with alarming frequency.

'He had come to the country on a student visa, he hadn't been able to finish the course, he needed to send money back home, otherwise people wouldn't be able to eat.

I admired him for staying and doing what he had been doing to keep his family going,' Anne-Marie said.

Soft-spoken and understated, 51-year-old Mr Barrow spent more than three years living in London as a young man, working as an Argos security guard and developing a passion for Arsenal Football Club.

He later moved back to his home country and set up his own estate agency, and unexpectedly found himself with a real shot at being president when eight different opposition parties united behind his candidacy.

A statement read out on state television informed Gambians that Jammeh had decided that The Gambia would leave “the British Commonwealth” because it “will never be a member of any neo-colonial institution and will never be a party to any institution that represents an extension of colonialism”.

However, Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma, did not receive prior notice of the decision by The Gambia to become the first nation since Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe in 2003 to voluntarily withdraw from the grouping.

If indeed he does succeed, Mr Jammeh will be rowing back heavily on comments he made during the vote on Thursday, when he said his victory was assured by Allah and the result would be “the biggest landslide in the history of the country”.

At the final count of Gambia’s 53 constituencies broadcast on state TV, Mr Barrow had received 263,515 votes, compared to Mr Jammeh’s 212,099 and 102,969 votes or 17 per cent for Mammah Kandeh, the leader of the only opposition party not to back Mr Barrow.

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