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To try to read these faded, stained, or even charred bits, a NASA scientist has turned to multispectral imaging technology.

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” His moods followed the dips and dives of the BYU football season.

I never understood how any intelligent man could fall into such deep depression after a single incomplete pass, but I dutifully cheered alongside him and tried desperately to care about whether it was first or fourth down.

PROVO — As it turns out, BYU’s dramatic 24-21 victory over Wyoming in the Poinsettia Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium last month was the final edition of the San Diego-based postseason game.

The San Diego Bowl Game Association announced Wednesday that the Poinsettia Bowl is folding.

As the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes is said to have said from his bath: Eureka!

It's called multispectral imaging, a technology developed by NASA to "see through" clouds of gas in space. The project today: see if multispectral imaging can help scholars at the University of California at Berkeley read part of an account of the Trojan War, by the poet Dictys of Crete, a part obscured by a large reddish stain.

Sister Spafford received an honorary degree at BYU commencement the same year the Nightingale Pledge was taken by the first BYU nursing graduates. Born 107 years ago on October 8, Sister Spafford was general president of the Relief Society for nearly 30 years, from 1945 to 1974. Through my mother and grandmother, who spoke her name in reverence, Sister Spafford was my first exposure to the work of the Relief Society.

Over the last decade the College of Nursing has adopted a theme I would like to explore. (As a dean, I wish I could sit in my Sunday best bedecked with flowers and surrounded by adoring students with tidy coifs and starched white uniforms.) By 1898 the Relief Society School of Nursing was begun. Empey served as superintendent of the school and supervisor of charity nursing during its entire tenure.

This year the Brigham Young University College of Nursing celebrates its 50th anniversary. Belle Spafford was then general president of the Relief Society (and she served on the panel of judges for that winning nurses uniform contest) (see Maurine M.

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