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Printing this page will print the introduction, the nine essays, the list of sites, and all of the descriptions for the sites featured in the itinerary.If you would like to print a specific section, click on one of the links below, and mark the section you would like to print.

In 1800, the Indiana Territory was the first new territory established from a portion of the Northwest Territory.

The territory grew in population and development until it was admitted to the Union in 1816 as the nineteenth state, Indiana.

Britain held the land for more than twenty years, until after its defeat in the American Revolutionary War.

At that time, Britain ceded the entire trans-Allegheny region, including what is now Indiana, to the new United States.

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Have greater degree, husband may obtain a permit from a local government committed to provide.Introduction Architecture Essay Architectural Details Essay Civic Madison Essay Industrial Madison Essay Network to Freedom Essay Civil War Essay Transportation Essay Twentieth Century Essay Things to Do Essay List of Sites and Descriptions Maps (print separately) Learn More (print separately) Credits (print separately) Introduction The National Park Service's Heritage Education Services and Midwest Regional Office History and National Historic Landmarks Program, in partnership with the City of Madison and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, proudly invite you to explore historic Madison, Indiana.Located in southern Indiana, Madison is home to a rare collection of hundreds of antebellum buildings, others that predate World War II, and much more.This Travel Itinerary features the Madison Historic District and highlights 40 historic places and neighborhoods within the district as well as important places close by.The district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and designated a National Historic Landmark on March 20, 2006.In addition to those highlighted in this itinerary, there are hundreds of additional historic buildings and other sites to explore and appreciate during your visit.

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