Libra woman dating aquarius men

So listen to your Aquarius and don't forget you cannot change him; it's like trying to mould a bubble of air.

Anyway, you both like talking so you will be excellent friends.

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Having difficulties in adjusting to the perfectionist Libra partner?

Ask how to handle them by availing our Love Ask A Question service.

But it can feel detached, as if neither wants to go beyond the "idea" of the relationship, into the actual relationship.

One tip for Aquarius -- don't be stingy with the romance.

Libra and Aquarius are smooth in the love game, and are traditionally very simpatico.

Both signs are very bright, socially curious, vivacious and or suave -- prepare for some witty flirting.

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The Libra woman delights in her Aquarius man's inventive lovemaking and he loves to watch her let her hair down and go wild in the bedroom!

You are both good listeners and you communicate with the others very well.

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