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After the dissolution of the band, he left Erie in late 1993 and moved to California, where he met Rob Hotchkiss.

While progressing from the SF coffeehouse circuit to the LA club scene, Monahan and Hotchkiss added Jimmy Stafford (guitar), Charlie Colin (bass), and Scott Underwood (drums) to their lineup, thus officially forming Train.

in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, to Gladys (née Barrowclough), a weaver and textile worker, and Alfred Stewart, a regimental sergeant major in the British Army. In a 2008 interview, Stewart said, "My father was a very potent individual, a very powerful man, who got what he wanted.

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He attended Mc Dowell High School in Millcreek Township.

Monahan attended the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Thence the line continues through many generations to through Conn Ceadcathach (Conn of the Hundred Battles), second century High King and on to Niall Naoi Ghiallach or Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland from 377 to 404 AD.

As High King of Ireland, Niall reigned from the ancient Irish royal seat at Tara, in modern Co. During his reign he conquered all of Ireland and Scotland and much of Britain and Wales.

Aside from his work with Train, Monahan also sang additional vocals on the song "Shimmer" with the band Fuel in 2001.

In November 2005, he appeared as a guest vocalist on VH1's Decades Rock Live, where he covered Cyndi Lauper's hit single "Time After Time".Monahan began his musical career singing with cover band Rogues Gallery from 1988 to 1990.The band consisted of Monahan (lead vocals, percussion), Mark Emhoff (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Imboden (bass, keyboards, vocals), John Mc Elhenny (drums, vocals) and his brother Matt Mc Elhenny (rhythm guitar, keyboards and vocals), in his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania.Born and raised in Dukes, he had never been outside Liberty City - except for Alderney State - until after the events of GTA IV.Packie's father was a violent, perverted alcoholic whom Packie blames for their mob's loss of influence.Click image for a full size view, then click "File/Save As" to save it to you hard drive.

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