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He pulls off girl group dances so well, reacts well to people, knows the timing to speak up ㅋㅋ 5.

[ 61, -3] "If I deny it strongly by waving my hands no, then I consider that rude to people who are actually gay.

Breasts, and the bigger the better, preferably of the gravity-defying sort which seems to be the style regardless of size. For men, perhaps it’s all about the “package,” to be interpreted as you will, along with the fat wallet.

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Are words have assets: smarts, wit, talent, work ethic, kindness, and so much more. Community is certainly an asset, and one which women are especially good at creating and taking advantage of.

Yet I look around my little house and the way I count my riches has to do with stacks of books on my bedroom floor – eighteen of them – an assortment of references and magazines that have overflowed the nearby shelves. How is it unfolding across this nation in homes like mine?

No, I’m not being cynical; I’m recognizing the way many men and women view themselves, not to mention the way they assess potential mates. But if you have friends, family, loved ones, humor, skills, and so on – not to mention those old standbys we forget about – values and character – I’d say you’ve got it made. defines it as: Of course, abundance has long been about acquisition (enough, or more than enough), and that’s only natural.

I understand it, and I willingly admit that I’ve run into it often enough over the years to know it’s real. We gather to insure that we’re prepared for the future and able to survive.

Many of my colleagues around the country are not so optimistic, as they decry how “college kids today don’t know how to write, are disrespectful, have no social graces, are totally self-absorbed, are prone to cheating, are just in it for the grade, are stunted by their devotion to trends and technology, are binge drinkers, are shallow, etc., etc., etc.” You may agree that the average 20-year-old is fairly immature.

At this age, young adults are self-confident mostly because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Who else can speak to Kang Ho Dong the way he does? [ 747, -47] He is Super Junior's final boss and their last saving merit 4.

He's such a unique character ㅋㅋ I find it hilarious when he keeps talking about cigarettes and nikonikoni on 'Knowing Bros' ㅋㅋ 2. [ 67, -3] He only seems gay because he has a bigger eye for detail than most men.

We all have them, but mine seem smaller in the light and shadow of thoughtful words.


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