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I made a cartoon series in 1999 called Jim's Story, there were 5 episodes.

It's kind of like a sit-com-noir that's not really supposed to be very funny.

It goes before ROOF TILING but they can be watched in any order really.

The title has no deep meaning, it's just a sound I made and then tried to spell (you can hear it just after pressing the start button) Music By Locust Toybox After a few months of keeping you waiting, here's the latest addition to fat-pie's most popular series. As you may have noticed, Fat-Pie episode 4 was recently thrown to the bin marked "aborted" so instead I thought I'd make something with a similar feel to it. I teamed up with Jerry Bruckheimer to create the smash hit of the winter! This is the first episode in the backwards running series.

In this episode, Salad Fingers receives a gift from an old friend. It's paperflash #2 and a return to the darker side of things with BERRIES . It's got mind blowing special effects, a whole host of guest stars and some of the most evil villains ever seen on the silver screen. Here's another bizarre acid trip of a cartoon that might make you feel nice inside.

I get a trillion emails a second and most of them say similar stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I love to read your views, but there are a bunch of questions and statements that pop up a lot. I would post a list of all the things I am working on, but every day I would have to change it. I know it's a bit of a silly fad for self obsessed egos, but if you really would like to know, then follow me as I update it whenever I feel I have anything of interest to report.

Just an experiment here with different ideas and techniques. It was just going to be about 20 seconds long but it grew.

I made all the dialogue up as I went along (you can tell) I tended to ramble on a bit, then I just fit the animations to my mouth words. I added optional subtitles for all you people who can't understand the accents, and for deaf people as well!

If you want to be kept up to date with what I am doing please follow me on TWITTER and swirl in my endless loop. I try and sound like nothing else but I'm sure it'll remind you of something. Anyway you've probably already decided whether or not to give it a try, so I'll waste your time no longer and throw you a link.


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