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Physical attraction is trumped by the pure love of God that couples can show one another.True love is willing to wait and patiently allow the relationship to grow in God’s timing.For EITHER: Grab a red or black T-shirt and corresponding hat.

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Whether we discover a down-home barbecue-rib joint, a mom-and-pop pizza parlor, or a cozy little soup and salad cafe we’re trying something new-together.

We have a book that lists restaurants by categories and price so, depending upon our mood and budget, we can have several choices.

You can also have a delicious date at home by making a meal together.

If you have kids, make them some macaroni and cheese and send them to bed early. My cousin, Linda, loves to cook alongside her husband.

By choosing holiness instead of fulfilling the desires of the flesh, couples are raising the bar and allowing God to bless them in ways they never could’ve imagined.

Holiness gives a relationship a chance to grow in spiritual depth and encourages a stronger faith walk as a couple.

This HAS to be one of my favorite ideas on the list! Across the top border of the frame write “Guess Who?

You can really choose ANY character from the game and recreate their facial features. ” and along the bottom border of the frame, write the name of the character you are recreating. For BOTH: Clear umbrellas , LED lights and strips of fabric or streamers. For BOTH: Use yellow duct tape, to tape streets on a long sleeve T-shirt.

Then on special occasions, they might have dinner at the usual neighborhood burger barn or go see a movie at the local theatre. Think of the word DATES to stimulate the “creative dating” quadrant of your brain: Delicious Adventurous Thematic Educational Surprising Delicious Dating They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s true for women, too.

Ron, my husband of 26 years, and I love to try new restaurants.

If you’ve been married for awhile, it’s easy to get into a rut, and the longer you’re married, the deeper your rut may get.


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