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They appear to work fine on our computers but all systems are different and, given all the possible variables, that's all we're gonna say. We like 'em but we don't blanket endorse anything you might find there.

One of the major downfalls of being a landlord is renting to tenants who do not pay rent.

Even though they aren't on sale anymore I still will be ordering more of these.

I love the wobble they make in the water, and so do the bass.

When that happens, and unfortunately, it will, using the right form can make this process a little less grueling.

Having the correct form will not only provide the tenants with a notice that you mean business, but it satisfies the court’s requirement that you must provide tenants notice of your intent to take legal action against them.

From: Comments: Bought 2 packs to try, every single tail was bent to hell, had to boil the tails to get them somewhat straight.

Going back to keiteck fat impacts because they are packaged in a protective plastic casing ensuring every tail is perfectly straight which imo is definitely worth 2 or 3 dollars extra From: Comments: the tail is stiff bit easily fixed.The changes in this roll-out are massive, but I will keep details high level for now.We haven't updated since January for various reasons, we don't normally wait more than 2-3 months.The form outlines the deadline for payment, the amount of rent and late fees that are now due, and the instructions for payment.This form may be served by certified or regular mail, hand delivery, or posting or leaving a copy on the premises.Try boiling thetailsection in water, ads incredible action & straightens out any crooked ones.


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