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Known in those days as ‘juvenile delinquents’, teen gangs like the Drapes were known to commit petty crime such as stealing cars, or holding hot rod races like the one seen in the film Grease.

Not the kind of thing a respectable teenage girl should be involved in.

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"A fantastic pianist, she played in the TSO over 30 years and performed throughout the country in many different capacities.

We extend our deepest sympathies to her family and all others who loved and knew her."Bridger, who created the collaborative piano (or accompanying) program at FSU, was a founding member of the TSO in the early '80s with conductor Nicholas Harsanyi."As a player, she was solid as a rock," Stringer said.

I learned that people are just not as strong as me, and I have to accept that people lie, which I hate.

I don’t like losing friends, but that has been a decision taken out of my hands.

"We will miss her presence on stage."The Traverse City Record-Eagle is reporting Bridger was in Michigan, where she owns a home in Interlochen, to attend a funeral. The driver and two other passengers in Bridger's car were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

She and other family members were returning from the airport in Traverse City when a Brimley, Mich., man crossed the central median and struck their car around a.m. The Record-Eagle is reporting the man who caused the wreck was arrested on charges of "driving while license suspended causing death" and two other license-related charges.In 2010, her last year in office, she was the only Republican in the Legislature to vote against the controversial immigration law Senate Bill 1070."I've left my caucus more than once on what I thought were right and principled stands," Allen told Her legacy will live on in the causes she championed since arriving in Arizona in the 1980s: the arts, open space, health care and the environment.Most notably, Allen was key in passing legislation that allowed cities and towns to buy up tracts of state trust land for preservation.Pianist Carolyn Bridger, who was the principal keyboardist with the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra and a former faculty member at the Florida State College of Music, died in an auto accident near Traverse City, Mich., on Tuesday morning.She was 71."Carolyn was beloved by her colleagues and many, many students," TSO executive director Amanda Stringer said in an email.When asked what she learned this year, Annabelle said, “To watch my back.”“I did enjoy getting to know the American girls much better,” added Annabelle.

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