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I invited Karen to join me, showed her where the dressing room was, and relaxed in the lounger to get some sun.

No matter how many women I brought to my bed I couldn't help but compare them to those few minutes where Tiffany and I basically masturbated each other to orgasm, and you know what?

None of those other women could hold a candle to my sweet, inexperienced cousin.

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This adventure began when, on a Saturday afternoon, I saw Karen Carter, Zack’s mother, at the supermarket. But she continued, and said that Zack spent more and more time at my house and was much happier than usual. She apologized for getting it off her chest, but she was feeling lonely, her husband was too busy, travelling all the time and hadn’t shown up in weeks. I felt sorry about that – and a bit guilty, for stealing her son – and I invited her and Zack to spend Sunday with us.

Me were not close friends, but we knew each other from the neighborhood and from the boys’ school activities, so she came to say hello and told me, smiling, that she was jealous of me. The weather was nice and we could enjoy the swimming pool and have a couple drinks and lunch together.I really don’t know why but my husband Jim is suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction).We have tried all the ED medicines on the market, and the best that would happen is he would get a semi hard on, but its really not hard enough to make love to me, not even to penetrate me, i want to feel his cock touching my cervix again and again driving me to loads of satisfying orgasms.The intervening years also brought a great many changes in both my and Tiffany's lives.My parents moved back home to Louisiana to be closer to my grandparents, and after I got out of the navy I moved back to Louisiana to be closer to them.Sarah went to a university there in Arizona, studying health and fitness while Tiffany moved out to California to attend a christian university studying education.


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