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This is the crux of the famous trolley dilemma, but if actually placed in a comparable situation, where would most of us even begin in attempting to blunder our way through such a decision.

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, a new play by recent University of East Anglia graduate Rory Horne, is underpinned by a kind of trolley dilemma. To obtain money for their respective needs, they both engage in the same unethical behaviour, behaviour which profits from the suffering of others even while it does not actively participate in it.

But instead of following a single figure as they choose harm for one or many, his two protagonists – Chris (Rosa Caines), an out-of-work plumber, and Josh (Dom Luck), an activist charity worker – play out the ethical conundrum of choosing between various configurations of suffering for one or suffering for many. Josh needs more money to prop up his charity, Conflict Clarity, which analyses and releases data of U. If fronts a critique of personal profiteering on the back of global suffering, Horne’s play never attempts to answer the question of whether the motives of Chris or Josh, who initially meet through an online dating messenger service, are more or less defensible.

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