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Laurie Sweet has practiced in the areas of Family, Criminal, and Civil Litigation in both the private and public sector.

Attorney Brian Monk can assist you with your restraining order, or domestic violence cases. Monk routinely appears in court representing both Petitioners and Respondents; men, women, and even children in Injunction Court.

Common injunctions litigated include domestic violence injunctions; dating violence injunctions; sexual violence injunctions; and, stalking injunctions.

Laurie Sweet has received nominations for “Attorney of the Year” in 2002, 2003, and 2005, and was recognized for conducting the most bench trials in 2003 with the Pinellas-Pasco State Public Defender’s Office.

Additionally, Laurie Sweet’s intricate knowledge of Florida Law has led her to successfully overturn decisions made by the Circuit Court and County Court through the Second District Court of Appeals.

An injunction is a court order prohibiting the subject of the injunction (called the “respondent”) from engaging in certain behavior directed toward the person requesting the injunction (called the “petitioner”).

In most cases, the petitioner is the subject of abusive or threatening behavior; however, in certain cases (like those involving a minor child) the petitioner can seek an injunction on behalf of someone else.

The truth is that anyone can be victimized by the abusive or threatening behavior of another person at any time.

Abusive and threatening behavior can have serious and negative consequences not only for the victim but for those around the victim as well: Florida lawmakers recognized the many harmful effects of abusive and violent relationships and have given Florida victims the ability to seek a variety of injunctions to assist them in maintaining their own safety and preventing further acts of abuse or threatened abuse.

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I have personally been arrested, and had to appear in Hillsborough County Criminal Court several time, to face charges of violation Restraining Orders and Dating Violence Injunctions.


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