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This makes the community of San Espiridión the first Eastern Catholic in Puerto Rico community.Welcome to the priests and parishioners of San Espiridión to the Catholic Church.

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following the liturgical calendar Julian (old calendar).

The community was under the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Istanbul).

kung hindi ka sigurado eto ang mga gabay mo para mas makilala mo ang bulacan...

whispers his final goodbyes to his wife who was murdered along with his three children and mother-in-law in their home on June 27.

Now it has been under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of San Juan of Puerto Rico.

Probably then pass to belong to any of the Slavonic Byzantine Eastern Catholic churches, although they continue to remain under the local Latin metropolitan authority.

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The victims were laid to rest in Bulacan on July 5.


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