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The galley-style kitchen was recently refurbished, per marketing materials, and incorporates top-end appliances, lots of storage, convenient counter seating, and a laundry closet.

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For those of you not in the NY-area, the CW11 is the awesomest local station ever.

Their morning and evening news programs are top-notch, son. But New York residents know if for its local news with spunky anchors, zany on-the-scene guys, and a very special, problem solving man.

Or at the very least, give him a show with a stable time slot and spread his distinctive voice throughout the ESPN digital ecosystem—including, yes, on . Either Skipper changed his mind, or more likely, the thought set off an internal war between those who truly wanted to give Olbermann another chance at superstardom and those who’d do everything they could to prevent his moving to either Bristol or Los Angeles and reclaiming the chair that he once occupied so prominently. commissioner Roger Goodell, there wasn’t much sizzle.

When ESPN started back with Olbermann two years ago, there was skepticism about the 11 P. time slot on ESPN2 because that network airs so many live sporting events—from grand-slam tennis to a wide array of sometimes minor N. Although Olbermann didn’t really want to move to five P. in the first place, he took one for the team, going so far as to be paraded about at the network’s annual upfront presentation to advertisers. Yes, there was a major car sponsorship—rare for that slot—and yes, Olbermann was nominated for his second Emmy as studio host (he had been nominated the year before for best show), but the ratings were anemic and, apart from Olbermann’s attacks on N. In recent weeks, rumor had it that ESPN executives were increasingly concerned about Olbermann’s commentaries and his strafing of Goodell, whose league has a lucrative partnership with the network to broadcast through 2021.

According to the fine folk at Property Shark, in May 2009 he paid $810,000 for a 684-square-foot one-bedroom and one-bathroom pad with a large terrace on the seventh floor that he sold at a $100,000-plus loss in in April 2012 for $717,800.

On the new podcast, he praised the work of field reporters covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, but raged against desk-bound analysts who are behaving as if it’s an ordinary election year.

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If someone had told you two years ago that ESPN wouldn’t be renewing Keith Olbermann’s contract at the end of his current deal, you would have probably assumed, based on precedent, that the reason would be yet another series of off-camera dustups between Olbermann and the powers that be—that those powers had decided that life is too short for more battles with the legendarily contentious Keith.

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