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We are continually on the search for bright, energetic professionals to join our team.

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Surf the best spots for beginners & intermediates, at the optimal time of the year. Some months have better wind, swell & wave conditions. Have you been surfing for many weeks, months or years?

Can you paddle through the white water and catch unbroken waves by yourself?

You'll receive an acknowledgment stating the value of any tangible benefits received.

The Aquarium strives to be fully accessible to the disabled.

We ask that you attend trainings and volunteer once or twice a month for at least six months.

Deadline: Sep 5th More info: To apply: QLSf Go G_Jog BRX0Y5Jk5Qoy7J5ek7Rda Dc VS3Tod CGrd Je5h SHg/viewform Monday August 14th : Youth BBQ at Parc des Faubourgs https:// No hangouts/services August 15th-16th Thursday August 17th: Drop-in at Parc des Faubourg (not at L’Astérisk) No hangouts/services August 22nd August 23: Hangouts 12-6 August 24, hangouts -6pm, drop-in at L’Astérisk - hey everyone!

The Foundation envisions a society enriched by its commitment to the engagement of young people as active participants, recognizing their unique perspectives, skills, and values. In addition, the Foundation supported many university students with scholarships.

Mc Connell consistently supported organizations that served disadvantaged youth, such as the YMCA and Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.

With over 1000 employees worldwide, Mind Geek continues its expansion with the acquisition and licensing of some of the most iconic brands in entertainment media.

Mind Geek is a global industry-leading information technology firm headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Nicosia, Hamburg, London, Montreal, Bucharest and Los Angeles.

The evolution of our youth programming portfolio—from scholarships for individuals, to support for exemplary youth-led organizations and finally, to support networks of youth leaders and organizations—reflects our learning about social innovation.

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