Battery icon not updating

A couple of different symptoms can come along with having a battery percentage meter on your Mac that is inaccurate.The most obvious one is your computer randomly shutting off and dying before the battery percentage hits zero percent or even gets low.Pay attention to these signs, as your battery percentage could be out of whack.

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Date & Time and ensuring that “Set Automatically” is enabled.

Obviously, the issue here is that you may not realize the battery percentage number hasn’t changed for awhile, so it would be hard to know that you need to reboot or check your Date & Time settings.

Nevertheless, Apple says it is aware of the issue and is investigating the cause and a solution.

All Macs with internal batteries have an indicator that appears in the Menu Bar.Otherwise, a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store might be necessary.i Phone users, listen up: We have written a detailed guide on charging your i Phone properly. The System Management Controller, or SMC, on your Mac is buried within the operating system and groups together various functions involving the display, battery power, booting, shutting down, sleeping, and more.No matter what the cause may be, there’s always a fix for an incorrect battery level in your Mac’s Menu Bar.The battery meter in my system tray doesn't update on its own. But when I unplug the PC and plug it right back in, it shows "correct", i.e., updated, information (the battery bar is half-way full, and it shows "55 minutes to full charge"). to full charge" for nearly 43 minutes, and the "bar chart" showing how full the battery is has not shifted.


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