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Each child is different, and each delay or disability will require different modifications.

Child care providers should gather as much information as you can about the child and the disability, and learn about typical modifications that can be made.

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Many child care providers work with children who have disabilities or special needs.

Remember that children with special needs are children first, and have more similarities than differences from children without disabilities.

Many of our employees also need to work around their spouse’s schedule so that at least one of them is able to care for their child or be able to all have off at the same time so that they can spend time as a family.

It is challenging to balance those needs so that we have enough help on each shift.

Part 1: A Quick Look at Terminology Part 2: Different Types of Supports and adaptations all mean the same thing.

The simple answer is: No, not completely, but yes, for the most part. ) People tend to use the terms interchangeably, to be sure, and we will do so here, for ease of reading, but distinctions can be made between the terms.

Our employees end up working half shifts so that they can take the time off.

However, allowing parents to leave on short notice oftentimes leaves us with not enough coverage at night.

I suspect that some of these teachers, educated during the heyday of John Dewey, would have found our debates about homogeneous/ heterogeneous classes silly. That is the ethical, and moral, and in some cases legal, imperative. And for efficiency, let's label this kind of teaching differentiating your instruction.


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