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How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your i Pad (with i OS 4.2) At some point between my two hour Angry Birds marathon today, I happened to be installing some updates when I noticed something interesting—you can pause an application update or install. How to Pause an i Pad / i Phone App Install (to Let Another One Finish First) Like all operating systems, sometimes i OS will slow down or applications will freeze.Here’s how to recover from that scenario by force quitting applications or force rebooting the OS.

I’ve recently released version 1.2 of Docset Viewer, which fixes a number of bugs people experienced with the previous version.

If you had problems with the previous release, please give this one a try.

Attachments This folder is used by i Photo 9 as a temporary holding place for photos that are being sent using i Photo's built-in email features.

Auto Import This folder is created by i Photo 7 and later.

One of the improvements I’ve added is the ability to customize whether or not you would like to back up your Docsets (which can get quite large) into i Cloud.

To keep with the instructional nature of this site, I’ll show you how you can do that in your own apps.

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All directory changes (name, title, department or otherwise) must go through the registrars office for students, or through HR for faculty and staff.


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  2. CVE IDs CVEnew Twitter Feed Other Updates & Feeds Request a CVE ID Contact a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) Contact Primary CNA (MITRE) – CVE Request web form Reservation Guidelines CVE LIST (all existing CVE IDs) Downloads Search CVE List Search Tips View Entire CVE List (html) Reference Key/Maps NVD Advanced CVE Search CVE ID Scoring Calculator CVE Numbering Authorities Participating CNAs Documentation for CNAs Requesting CVE IDs from CNAs Become a CNA Candidates must be reviewed and accepted by the CVE Editorial Board before they can be added to the official CVE list.

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