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Finding love isn't easy, but aims to make finding a match easier for a certain subsection of the population — doctors, lawyers, chief executives and other accomplished professionals who make at least ,000 a year.

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It contains just i CEnhancer C and the texture mods that will come with it—including a new version of Bison Sales' vegetation textures.

It's not quite ready for public release yet, but when it is, expect a new lease of life for those well-worn city streets.

People who use online dating services often complain about outdated photos and phony profiles.

But rarely do profiles require a statement of minimum income.

It’s the website the ads promote which the transit agency officials say encourage sexual activity in public.

“TTC staff looked at the website of the advertiser based on a concern raised with us that the site promotes sex in public places, including public washrooms,” Ross said.

The TTC has pulled ads for a gay hook-up website saying the service promotes illegal activity including sex in public places.

The ads for, which feature shirtless men hugging, aren’t the issue, TTC spokesman Brad Ross told the Toronto Sun.

The website’s main page offers members access to a “cruising” directory which gives members access to a list of “the hottest places to meet other men for sex.

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